Greece, occupied territory

[originally published in Spanish]

Greek commando on the deck of the US boat ‘Audacity of Hope’, on the 1st of July 2011. Photography: Institute for Middle East.

They wanted to sail, bound for Gaza, to show their solidarity and to deliver humanitarian aid, but they ended up blocked in another occupied and besieged territory, where the price of rebellion is also beign paid back with interests by its population: Greece. “The flotilla organizers did not take into account that Greece of July 2011 is not the Greece of May 2010” a top Israeli official, who worked in the past few months to prevent the Gaza flotilla mission from taking place, told to Haaretz. He is right. The Greek State, having put himself at the forefront of the plundering of its own country, lost what little legitimacy remained and now its police behaves in the same brutal way as the IDF in villages like Nabi Saleh, throwing tear gasses and stun grenades to unarmed citizens. They no longer target just the inmigrants or the usual suspects of Exarchia. Under the financial siege, the intifada is part of the Greek daily life, as it is of the Palestinian’s since years. And the roadmap designed by the so-called troika is as deceitful as the Quartet’s. The European governments encouraged the Israeli bombing of Gaza, they were understanding with the attack to the first freedom flotilla and they continued strengthening bonds with the State of Israel, learning from its policies. The reason is obvious: they all share the same fear of democracy. In Israel a ‘real democracy’ adopts the form of a demographic threat and in Europe that of the disruption of the representative system. Becoming-Israel or becoming-Syntagma, that seems to be the question.

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