The magma

El Hierro: Mar y cielo

El Hierro: el faro y dos mares

Feeling its way, moving slowly since years or centuries, the magma had been trying to get rid of all the pressure got from above. It tried to find a gap where it could come to the surface.  It could be a crack on the slope of a mountain, or a ridge under the sea. It could also take several paths at the same time. It had no preferences. The only thing it needed was to find a weak flank. When it found the magma gathered speed, with no hesitation. Then the world shaked. Some received it with fear, as they felt the earth move under their feet, while others welcomed it with cheer, like children in a circus show. It doesn’t matter. Its time is not ours. It only wishes one thing: that its mixture of molten rocks and gas becomes one day life. 

El Hierro: Pinar

Photographies taken in the island of El Hierro in 2009. Author: Samuel

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