Close encounters of the shameful kind

[Post originally posted in Spanish in Quilombo]
Spanish Civil Guard evicted inmigrants by force from Isla de Tierra (Earth Island, part of the Alhucemas Islands archipelago) to the Moroccan shore. Early morning of Tuesday 4th of September. Photography: Uly Martín, El País.

Military, police, lights and cameras were looking forward to the arrival of the aliens, who had previously landed in the wrong planet. François Truffaut, rest in peace, was not there. He would have tried to communicate with those strangers: who were they?, what did they want?, what were their dreams?, how can we help?. The aliens believed they had reached an hospitable planet, but instead they found a game preserve. No melody was sung. Perhaps they didn’t know John Williams’ music. Or maybe it is because they arrived handcuffed, exhausted and terrified. The armed nasty threatened them with their flags. And then someone, somewhere, felt ashamed to be human.

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