Speech by Pablo Iglesias after Podemos’s success in the European elections

This is a translation by Richard Mac Duinnsleibhe of the speech made in the video below by Pablo Iglesias after Podemos (‘We can’) burst onto the political scene last night with over a million votes and 5 seats in the European Parliament. 


“There is magic. There is magic tonight. 

It’s as though you could touch the hope and excitement [ilusión]

That hope and excitement that has always been the motor of change.

Bona nit [Catalan], gabon [Basque], boas noites [Galician], buenas noches [Castillian].

Few expected a result such as this for us. But allow me to make a call for lament, and to remain on high guard.

The parties of the caste have had one of the worst results in their history.

But I must say that for now we have not achieved our objective of overcoming them.

Tomorrow there will still be six million unemployed, and they will go on evicting families in our country.

Tomorrow they will go on privatising hospitals. There will still be people working under appalling conditions.

There will still be young people forced to go into exile. There will still be a quarter of citizens living in poverty.

There will still be migrant workers who are treated like animals. There will still be unpunished bankers at large. There will still be corrupt bankers climbing into official cars.

Tomorrow, Merkel and the financial powers will go on making decisions against us and against ordinary people [la gente].

We have made a lot of progress, and we have surprised the caste. But the task we are confronted with from tomorrow on is enormous. That is why I want to ask everyone committed to the defence of democracy to be on high guard. Podemos was not born to play a token role. We were born to go out and get them all, and we are going to go out and get them.

(Crowd chants “Sí se puede!”)

Maybe for many people this result is a success. But I want to say that we are not satisfied. From tomorrow on we will start work so that as soon as possible we can celebrate that our country has a decent government, and we will get rid of the caste.

We are going to work for the union of the peoples of the south of Europe, in defence of sovereignty, and of a decent and democratic Europe. A Europe in which no financial power is above the interests and will of ordinary people [la gente].”

(Crowd chants “The people united will never be defeated!”)

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5 Responses to Speech by Pablo Iglesias after Podemos’s success in the European elections

  1. DY 3Solutions Ltd says:

    Reblogged this on DY 3Solutions and commented:
    Wonderful. Here’s hope

  2. Maria Martin says:

    Thanks for the translation from @PodemosBerlin. It is always amazing that people participate with us 🙂


  3. quilombosam says:

    Maria, greetings from @podemosbelgica !

  4. Congratulations Podemos!
    In England anti-EU parties focus on anti-immigration measures they would take (UKIP), it is reassuring for me that voices from the left focus on the economic and democratic reasons for EU reform. We lost Tony Benn, long time Labour minister and MP who always spoke out against the Commission and Council of Ministers as undemocratic agents of globalisation. He died this year RIP Tony.
    One thing though, some of us workers in England save up all year for our holidays, and we know in Spain that the sun will shine, the people will be lovely and we will have tapas! It’s a treat for us to eat while we drink, we only have peanuts and crisps in the pubs at home 😉
    Peace and love, long live Internationalism!

  5. quilombosam says:

    Thanks Simon. Podemos is anti-neoliberal EU, but acknowledges Europe as a common terrain for struggle, peace and love. We are all interconnected here and the so-called austerity measures promoted by the European Commission or the Council are not different from the measures proposed by Tories & others in the UK.
    Indeed, long live to Internationalism!! 🙂

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